mike sciple

Zbani Manya  posted on his wall 

thank you guys for staying here, you are making me smile every new day
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aboud Abood your wilcome

aboud Abood i mean you'r welcome :)

abhijit4ufriendz I like that

Athoof Ibrahim I like that

sexy reddz I like that

yanie hello :D ..

yanie :))

Thefast Love I like that

aboud Abood I like that

Larry Pucillo thats cool

yanie kpop

Ashley Rose I like that

divadea314 was up i like tht too

ibrahima94 salu vous aller bien

reannna506 hy u gud?

yenibel jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yo no

reannna506 oh cha add me yenibel plz i already send u a friend thing

mikiop cfgt give me your number

anita1989 Please reply me with my email address here (anitamalusi868@yahoo.com )

Ilya Morgenshtern  posted on his wall 

check this out:
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Ilya Morgenshtern u can play fruit ninja online with this link: http://zbani.com/en/game/EXCLUSIVE/Fruit-Ninja?name=734983&

hood ibrahim it doesn't worl

Zbani Manya he means :

Zbani Manya http://em.zbani.com/en/game/EXCLUSIVE/Fruit-Ninja?name=734983&

abhijit4ufriendz fruit ninja is not working

hood ibrahim inot working

Athoof Ibrahim I like that

diego lopez ok god

Shahar Ch I like that

sonlamnguyenw it is bad

Athoof Ibrahim ibxf hcydcjydjhd ghyfhufyffkdudundbjmcjcnhgbyr7rru4y4u7rutitjf

tia137 robiah

jamilamissestofly hey im 7 do you have monny

reannna506 lol n u really need a life

mikiop cfgt what life

Joy Justin please contact me directly on my private email (joydion47@yahoo.com) there is something crucial i will like to share with you

Ilya Morgenshtern  posted on  aboud Abood  wall 

Ilya Morgenshtern says:

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Ilya Morgenshtern I like that

alw7sh hiii

floyd huff wat up

ImariChatmon Wassup !

Ilya Morgenshtern what'ssss uuuuuuuppp!

hood ibrahim nothing is up lol

adm hi How are you

adm What are you doing now

firezoltan not much what about you

yanie hi


Shahar Ch I like that

reannna506 lol i love this web site

Zbani Manya  posted on his wall 

hi everyone, next week we will declare our user of the month, who will win zbani t-shrt!!
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varielys acosta o hey wats up

ariyannatocute non just the same fin to go to school

ariyannatocute hey gurl

ariyannatocute i think you will win

ariyannatocute hi everbody im homeeeeee

Shahar Ch I like that

varielys acosta i love being home<3 lol

mike sciple I like that

mike sciple god damn brothers i did not put i like that that is retarted

varielys acosta ohh and hi

nick12345 i love zbani

drake sciple i hatezbani

drake sciple it sts its self as your home page

Larry Pucillo true i dont like that and i think its a virus too i dunno my computer is really slow now

tia137 ilov you

Ilya Morgenshtern  posted on  Fire tron  wall 

Ilya Morgenshtern says:
sup where are u from

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Joey Arce miami

ariyannatocute i am from america

ariyannatocute ok by now i gots to go now

ariyannatocute im back and hey

Joey Arce he was asking me nosiys

BRANDI MANCILLAS wow come down

Ilya Morgenshtern dont come back

Joey Arce haha wtf

Joey Arce sorry didnt mean it

Joey Arce heyyyy


Roman Ionov vice city

Joey Arce wat eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

BRANDI MANCILLAS wtf never comin back thx guts

drake sciple yo momma

cool786 yovvania and aliza ur not suppose to say that

Britney Pham umm... hi

Joey Arce Sorry

BRANDI MANCILLAS not yo fought

sophonia hhhhmmm

aboud Abood I'm from Jordan :D

mike sciple  posted on  Zbani Manya  wall 

mike sciple says:
wat r coins 4

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Ilya Morgenshtern  played  Create A Fursona F

As promised, the second creation game is here! Create your own unique female creature with thousands of options and items...get wild! ✰ Visit Create A Fursona F  ✰
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tayyabnoman I like that

rosegarang Hello Nice to meet you, please contact me through this email : rosegarang@yahoo.com i have an important issue to tell you.

Janine Laing I like that

jessic4u12 hello am Jessica by name please contact me via my email,OK (jessicasimon4@hotmail.com) i will tell you more about myself for you to know whom i am thanks,

yoshi16 I like that

Ilya Morgenshtern  played  ClickPLAY 3

On this new ClickPLAY game, you can find new exciting challenges to solve with the fewest clicks possible. ✰ Visit ClickPLAY 3  ✰
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tayyabnoman I like that

Janine Laing I like that

stellaazmee33hotmail.com stellaazmee@hotmail.com hi Dear please write to my private Email address now so I can tell you more about myself and send you my pictures

Ilya Morgenshtern  played  Effing Worms

Control a gigantic sand-worm and get into rampage mode, eating whatever stand in your way- Humans, vehicles and flying objects! ✰ Visit Effing Worms  ✰
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tayyabnoman I like that

stellaazmee33hotmail.com stellaazmee@hotmail.com hi Dear please write to my private Email address now so I can tell you more about myself and send you my pictures

Ilya Morgenshtern  played  Missile game 3d

You are controling a high tech missile, try avoiding the close edges ✰ Visit Missile game 3d  ✰
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rtyqwe ujhyjh

DON luke sdfghj

samirajamal123 please contact my mail address (jamal.samira@yahoo.com) i am samira,i saw your profile i will like to be your friend

Zbani Manya  played  Papas Freezeria

You’ve just started an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie’s loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation! In this new installment in Papa Louie’s restaurant series, you’ll need to add ingredients, blend syrups and ice cream ✰ Visit Papas Freezeria  ✰
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Antonio Rivera Jr. I like that

ilovetommy pouhaa!Loose vous parler pas en français!!!!!!!!!!!!Lolle

obaid123 ummmmmmmm ok

aldo slite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ntyHwEPfJYscrivere un commento ...

Jacy Hung Awsome

PedrocaSG2002 SAI DE =================================

Naa Aryee i like that

Tater-Bugg Ashh I like that

dz8468 wth

Kris Pandev I like that

Treasure cool

Treasure I like that

cabral123 thats cool


Karina Alvarez kk ilike it too lol

hassan this is children games.

okethuydan 22222222

melqui i like that

Thien co ai o viet nam huk

jakebuckingham I DONT LIKE

bill2535 this website sucks.

krisszo I like that

anan321 hhhh

fnicol oui je veux fruit ninja

taylan this website sucks badd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oshua22 your mom sucks bad

Donald Surface I like that

kitty723456 I like that

Skalmar Obłynos I'm not like this!

nathan10 halla

Gona Lumi nooooooooooo

kesly Shut The Hell Up All Of Yah

dchai nooooooooooooooooooooo

Alexis Anderson hebjwqkfl;wkgmjnrewhgth


bhaktibee123 AHHHHHH!

bhaktibee123 boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spada Youssef fa caccare

pablo cool

Somaya Almakahleh FKGYTINPJMIK

Matt Mahood I like that

Jaelin Stovall stop sayin i like that! y duz everyone say I like that

ננסה לשנות את השם אני ממשש ממש אוהב את זה !!!

tiennguyen199 I want to have a new fiends, Do you want?

sakura hi anyone know how to care for a baby?

sonbgv fuck ya

Bre Diz I like that

Kelsey Edwards fuck me hahha

Alexandra Maria I like that

Jim Barnes I like that

amrit singh you all area mother fucker

Will Williams vete a la mierda gorda cuto perras that is spanish and it means fuck you fat ass bitches ok

josan vamos jogar

sr1010 I like that

Taniesha I like that

Aryan Sihag I like that

minyme1995 he likes it up his ass cuz hes a flaming gay ass dick swallowing flaming homosextual ; )

Hahahihi fuck offf

Mirzai Komeyl I like that

fernandofdg filhaa da puta

Ronak Somaiya मुझे लगता है कि पसंद है

bumbu /:

Manal99 haha i love angry birds!!! <3

aaaron me to

Hahahihi hihi I love you manal99 <3<3<3

earneshia I like that

kcale15 fuck you too

michaelgreek kontos i like this game

LilSean who got a fb

Luboslav Angelov http://forumche.info :)

Luboslav Angelov Харесва ми, че

niahpoobabyboo wat up my folks

Atoshi Mahmood this pic fuck fucking pic

123456marino lol jop

lilashanti lameos

lilmama561 I like that

Sto Cazzo Questo sito è una merda devo eliminarmi come faccio -.-

marquis136789 m cnvg ji u h j i j j h j jjk cv jhcv jf 3e7384821 fhsdfgh hjdhghjvdjmc,hhwvc hwbvahn mwa wj,.ejdfaweuebndsaleusmsjmew iwjjdf

sabbir007 I like that

tierramoore ye'll is lame ass fuck

candy345 ti's very fun

Emanuel Mestrovic visit hingames(.)com and play fruit ninja without ads

Donz Genz qqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anes Pepic i like it

ego esi mpapaalal

Darren Penny ok wtf i just got om this shit and find out people are getting pist like i don't know what

dangelo strawter thats some bull shit

azasque fagots

slapdick what are you guys gay?

lugardo123 cest null

julia kemp so much fun play fun

davidmolnar we must do it

boto345 oh yeah

asheleylol lol fun game

Paulinita This is a nice game!!!!!!

Fruitning This is nice game

lilJroka I like that

julissa blanks i like this game

runishataylor yes i do it mother fucking cool

trisharose23 wow so kool i gezz

NataliaGonzalez40 Are there someone lesbian?

NataliaGonzalez40 Or a single boy?? Write me please

Bella Still stop asking that you are acting so so so so so so so so so soooooooooo STUPID

normanharris what the hell you know abot that game

Bella Still who are you talking to

mezzydrew9 umm maybe you

tasahwn87 know its not

bella virtory I like that

fafafafa gaga olala

tia137 is..................

kirsten johnson that game is fun it is on coolmath.com

arvind05 मुझे लगता है कि पसंद है

Shya Parks Omg This Game Is The Best!!

yodaini aple

Hassan Taha hhhhhh

bartko hovno

Urvish Patel I like that

loveme123 its awesome and if u dont like it than fuck u

airwave1996 爱他

Jonathan Assefuah soooooooooooooo nice

saanih I like that


faraana viittu

jenny45 I like that

abdelaziz messi Beautiful

emachines cool game

lawanak zabardast game :)

Athoof Ibrahim I like that

princess alina fuck to eveyone

jiya123 I like that

Qudoos heha

mul azi i like

rebey you can be my friend (rebecadesmond2@yahoo.com) I will send you my photos and more details.

mikiop cfgt I like that

Amr MJ bad

loana i like that j'aime hihi

jenny45 its super its fantastic

amina cota Hello, please write to my address; amina_cota@yahoo.com

Vishnu Ravidran nice game

Twoja Stara ja pierdole jaka przejebana gierka

rachel72 hello

stellaazmee33hotmail.com stellaazmee@hotmail.com hi Dear please write to my private Email address now so I can tell you more about myself and send you my pictures

Zbani Manya  played  Fruit Ninja

Swipe your finger across the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bombs - they are explosive to touch and will put a swift end to your juicy adventure! ✰ Visit Fruit Ninja  ✰
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iancho I like that

sabina nice

bnbjhj 5fgeuyt

Antonio Rivera Jr. I like that

Shornali Mridula niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Zeenat Ansari i LOVE THT

Shakinah Campbell is best ever when u board

bill2535 dislike

fnicol oui je le veux fruit ninja

kesly I like that

Yassantos I like that

priyanshi dave ok but nice

amrit singh biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach bitch

Neil Hickman kEKISHI.

sr1010 bitch all yall suk my dick

Alexandre Gabriel Marion YOU sr1010 are a retard

raekwon I like that

fernandofdg site de merda

tarik like

stacey123 i love this game

daniel23817 ur gay

pootypooty lol you want to be my friend!!!!!!


rasmusr det er mega sjovt

marquis136789 hchdnm ce2wc4

cory5256 Vagina

Petar GuŁan sdcfghm,

slapdick slap dicks!

jesus pussy!!!!

edisa I like that

danielddsas eu sou bem sortudo

tubtoe this is also a goog game

moetcooper yall is so lmae

konkolyalex remélem még mindifövagy!!!!!! :-)

mayosh mayosh I like that

jc2015 homos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Krakov shut the fuck

NataliaGonzalez40 I need someone that can help me in Zababook I am new and I don't know nothing please help me Thank you

Kenleigh Hall I love to play fruit ninja it is my fav game ever

Dasia Davis that game is cccccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hardiki मुझे लगता है कि पसंद है

tia137 hahahaha,,,........

Carolain Здесь есть кто-нибудь Русский?!

Ajbeast was the game fun

Cesar Augusto Diaz Pereira holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

muhammad Hidayat I like that

theodu25 mjl,jm$

Dhivya Sonu hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Dato Last avoieeeee

nemusha kokookok

nayminhtet Like....

Dean Smith like it

Toto Nena hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

jazmine snow DONT LIKE WHAT

milirey hkgftysrdserutjdytfkutygiljk

Jerin Johnson I like that

Tsunayoshi Sawada lets play warcraft

Agnes Smith guys shut the fuck up this game SUCKSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

faraana moi tari mutta mee-pois

faraana moi jerin

mangomalu ya ya ya

Mina Ibrahem I like that

Anushi I like that

annamkhan xzcvsduifgsd fygfsduidi

sharifah10 I like that

Qudoos ad me from fb and skype fbid:Syedqudoosgul,skype id:qudoosgul

leanaquino wew pepe

lyljohn itot lolo sex paboli mayo tol

joshua23 fuck you all

aimal thanks

Michael Norman Abucejo lolololololoololololololol

hytrz gtfxswq

Twoja Stara zajebista


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